Jersey social housing tenants 'coughing up black phlegm' in mouldy Andium home

A couple in Jersey say they have been staying in damp conditions for more than a year and are now sleeping in coats on their living room floor. Credit: ITV Channel

A Jersey couple claims they are "coughing up black phlegm" from living in a mouldy property run by the government social housing provider Andium Homes.

Laura Richmond and Paul Hacquoil say they have been staying in damp conditions at Brompton Villas in St Helier for more than a year and it is causing them endless stress.

The pair add they are sleeping in coats on their living room floor because the bedroom feels too cold.

Laura tells ITV News: "We're literally coughing up black phlegm. In the night, we always think we have a cold and then all of a sudden, we go out for a walk and it clears.

"I was ready to get back to work, ready to get on with life, but it's mentally impacted me really badly and physically, I actually deleted the pictures [of the mould] because they were so disgusting."

The pair tell ITV News they are sleeping in their living room due to the bedroom being too cold. Credit: ITV Channel

In response, Andium Homes says the wellbeing of its clients is their priority and they have a dedicated team ready to carry out any work that is needed.

Dominique Caunce from the social housing provider adds: "It's very difficult when it's mould, humidity, condensation. Brompton Villa is one of our oldest homes but has got insulation and electric heating.

"It is really important that residents make sure they are ventilating and heating their properties in order to eradicate as much of that moisture as possible.

"We have recently installed a PIV unit that will remove a lot of the old stagnant air and replace it with fresh air.

"We have been, on average, speaking to them twice a week since the New Year. We will be going to visit them again just to check in and see how the PIV unit is working."

The property dates back more than a century. Credit: ITV Channel

Dominique also explains that the property is a listed building so the windows cannot be replaced, although they have been repaired several times and the organisation will be installing secondary glazing.

She explains: "[The issues] are likely to have developed over a lengthy period of time where heating and ventilation just hasn't been at the adequate level.

"We have given advice and are taking those extra steps now by putting in the PIV unit but it takes effort on both sides to keep these homes efficient."

Paul and Laura say they have needed to scrap mould off their clothing. Credit: ITV Channel

Paul and Laura say they are looking to move into a different property but have been told they need to apply to the Affordable Housing Gateway, which already has more than 600 households on its waiting list.

In response to ITV News's story, Jersey's Housing Minister, Deputy Sam Mézec, says: "I have already asked Andium for an update on what's being done to address the complaints Paul and Laura have made. I have also been given their number to call them so I can ask how I can help them."