Jersey businesses learn how to 'spot the red flags' of domestic abuse

Aerial Jersey Shot
The keynote speaker is Sharon Livermore, who has lived experience of domestic abuse, and launched Domestic Abuse Education in 2023. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey employers will be taught how to "spot the red flags" and identify employees who may be experiencing domestic abuse this morning (29 February).

The event aims to raise awareness of domestic abuse and coercive control, as well as the impacts these issues can have in the workplace.

Sharon Livermore is the keynote speaker with lived experience of domestic abuse.

She said: "I firmly believe all employers should strive to create safe spaces at work where employees can go and not only be heard but signposted to freedom.”

The event forms part of the Spot the Red Flags initiative, which was launched in 2022 by the Jersey Safeguarding Partnership Board (SPB).

SPB manager Cathy Davison said: "Domestic abuse may happen behind closed doors, but the message of the campaign is that the impact does not stay there.

"For some, a place of work is their safe haven, and we need to raise awareness of the signs of domestic abuse and encourage colleagues to act."