Jersey 'leap baby' celebrates 10th birthday despite being born in 1984

  • ITV Channel presenter Jonathan Wills joined Danielle for her birthday celebrations and a few surprises

A woman in Jersey has celebrated her 10th official birthday, despite being born in 1984.

Danielle Perrier is a 'leap baby' which means she was born on 29 February during a leap year.

The unusual calendar quirk is because it takes around 365.25 days for Earth to orbit the Sun.

Most years this is rounded down to 365 days, but once every four years there is an extra day to make up for those extra four quarters.

It also has references in popular culture with Superman's birthday on 29 February, a nod to him ageing slower than most other people.

40 years ago, ITV Channel Television went to Jersey Hospital on the day Danielle was born.

Four decades on, presenter Jonathan Wills met Danielle and her parents for only her 10th opportunity to celebrate on the actual day of birth - she was not able to celebrate on her official 18th or 21st birthdays.

When asked whether she feels aged 40 or 10, Danielle said: "Definitely 10 as I am a big kid, I am very much a child at heart."

Danielle's father Steve added: "It's been a long time waiting for Danni's proper birthday, we are going to make the most of the 40th."