German bunker in Guernsey made accessible again thanks to volunteer's work

Kate Prout was invited to look around the newly discovered bunker....

A German Second World War bunk which was discovered only 18 months ago in Guernsey is now accessible again.

The structure is located in the north of the island in the ground off L'Ancresse Common.

The local organisation Festung Guernsey is determined to restore as many of the bunkers as possible.

It's chairman, Paul Bourgaize, says this one is different to others: "When we initially opened it up it was a really unique set up. There's a deep set of entry steps that shouldn't be there. That in itself is very exciting.

"There's so much reinforced concrete gone into this one. It's also a huge hole that they would have had to excavate to start with."

It's believed the bunker was filled in by the States some time after the war but now volunteers are working in all weathers to clear the steps and give access to all. Hopefully, once it's been made safe, the bunker, with its remaining phone cables and gun emplacements in place, will be included in walking tours of Guernsey's war time history.

Amanda Johns is a volunteer and walking guide and says this bunker will make a great addition to the tour. "It's just fascinating the different types of bunkers we have over here. It's for locals and visitors to come down here and see exactly what's inside here.

"You can still see lots of the old German writing on the wall, it's amazing"