Guernsey legislation to introduce 'no-fault' divorce is delayed

Guernsey court
The new reforms would put Guernsey in line with England and Wales, but Jersey is still without these processes. Credit: ITV Channel

New laws to allow 'no-fault' divorces in Guernsey have been delayed.

The Matrimonial Causes Law will allow couples to separate without having to provide a reason.

The States of Guernsey approved the law in July 2022 and was expected to be introduced at the end of 2023, but has now been postponed.

The States said: "The implementation process is taking longer than expected due to the prioritisation of more urgent legislation."

The change would bring Guernsey laws in line with England and Wales, which introduced 'no-fault' divorces in 2022.

The process is not yet in place in Jersey.

Guernsey's new legislation will also remove the ability to contest a divorce and remove the requirement for the court to consider reconciliation.

The reforms are now expected for the end of June 2024.