Breast cancer roadshow returns to Jersey schools after seven year break

  • Students at Le Rocquier School in Jersey have been getting to grips with their bodies and hearing how one check can save their life.

Thousands of secondary school children in Jersey have been learning about the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

CoppaFeel! has returned to the island to present its 'Boobette' roadshow for the first time since 2017.

Emma Baker got her diagnosis when she was just 31 - and is now one of the charity's 'Boobettes', sharing her story with teenagers.

She said: "The reason that the Boobettes are fantastic in raising awareness is because students can see that it can happen to someone of a younger age and I think it helps them to relate and the questions I've had afterwards, it's really made an impact in a good way."

Hundreds of students were taken out of lessons to learn more about the importance of being familiar with your own body. Credit: ITV Channel

The charity is working with local support networks to get a positive message out about the disease, hoping to encourage islanders to be more open when it comes to talking about cancer.

"There's this stigma around cancer - it's the Big C - a big strong word that people are scared of.

"I do think personally that younger people and older people are scared to check because they're worried what they might find."

Emma said having students ask engaging and important questions makes sharing her own cancer story worth it. Credit: ITV Channel

Nina Stier, assistant headteacher at Le Rocquier School, was one of the key players in getting the show back on the road: "2017 was the last time we had CoppaFeel! here and it was just so impactful.

"Students that we've had, have come back to us after all that time and have said how it changed their life and how they still remember it, how it was really important.

"It really does hit the nail on the head."

Sue Frost, treasurer for ABC Jersey, who provide support for breast cancer patients in the island, said: "The reception and response in all the schools this week has been outstanding. At least one establishment now has the self checking stickers displayed throughout their site.

"We urge those with the power in businesses, organisations, in fact any workplace to bring colleagues together and organise a virtual presentation from 'CoppaFeel!'.

"We, like them, know that early detection can be a life changer."

Ways you can access support in the Channel Islands




  • Alderney Cancer Relief provides financial support for cancer patients and their families. Rockmount House, Rockmount, Alderney (01481) 822995