Channel Island children dress up as superheros and Gruffalos for World Book Day

The Channel Island's children get ready for a literature-filled World Book Day.

Children across the Channel Islands have been getting creative with their costumes for World Book Day 2024.

This year's theme is 'Read Your Way', which calls for an end to the pressures and expectations of reading, and giving children a chance to enjoy the literary world.

From gnomes and gruffalos, to tinmen and Trunchballs, you've been sending in your images of how children (and adults!) have been expressing themselves this year...

Marley as Mr Toad from Wind in the Willows Credit: Zoe-Jane Mcallister-Wilding
Ella the Witch, along with her lion and wardrobe! Credit: Rich Pallot
Alice, aged 6, as Matilda and Arthur, aged 4, as Stickman Credit: Siobhan Le Moignan
Harlan, Age 22 months, The very hungry Caterpillar
Austin and Chloe as Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka Credit: Andre and Lena Sty
"Archie, 7, who has autism and other special educational needs loves Thomas. I couldn't find a costume so I used cardboard to make one!" Credit: Corina Watts
Rani, age seven, gets ready for the theme 'Reading is a Superpower' at Rouge Bouillon School Credit: Nadine Olayan
Sophia 5 (sleeping beauty) Sienna 3 (Super girl) and Otto, 1 (ten little dinos) Credit: Kirsy Adeler
Adelaide, age three, as Skye from Paw Patrol and Bramble as himself Credit: Rowena Marner
The Humanities department at Le Rocquier School have a go at recreating Matilda Credit: Niamh Balleine
"This year my lot decided to all go from the same book..." Credit: Lily Whitchurch
Elon Bundu-Kamara as Tin man, De la Salle College, Year 1, Age 6 Credit: Omarr Bundu-Kamara
"This is our Grandson Elliot, he has dressed up as Blippi as this is his favourite book, he is 2 years old and loves story time." Credit: Tracy Sargent
Viola, age 6 as, Jemima Puddle Duck and Noah, age 4, as Peter Rabbit Credit: Carly Payne
Ernie age 2 (Marshall, Paw Patrol) & Norah age 4 (Cinderella) Credit: Nick Phipps
Year Two Sam from Grouville School depicts Mouse Trouble, and Year Five Theo Year, also from Grouville School, depicts Street Kid Credit: Joanna MacGregor
"My son's school were asked to wear school uniform with a book character 'hint'. Marley, aged 5, from Guernsey chose Superworm." Credit: Samantha de Menezes
Where's Amelia? Enjoying the adventures of Wally in his Wonder Book Credit: Ewan Haywood
Diary of a Wimpy Kid comes to the Channel Islands Credit: Samuel Blasco
Harrison and Olivia from Year Two dress as Gnomeo & Juliet, Henrik from nursery dresses as Tin Man with his very own ToTo (played by Beau) Credit: Stephanie Vincenti
Jake and Toby play the dragon and Gruffalo before the school day Credit: Sarah Hughes
Freddie Couillard, age 5, as Supertato Credit: Emma Couillard
Sebastian Fisher, aged 6, Ninjago Credit: Vicki Evans
Ashleigh Syddall, aged 5, Jersey Credit: Michael Syddall
Marshall Falla, age 3, La Petite Ecole Footes Lane, Guernsey, Cat in the Hat Credit: Greg Falla

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