Guernsey's Hospitality Association calls for independent review into Aurigny flight costs

  • ITV Channel reporter Roisin Gauson takes a closer look at flight fares to and from Guernsey

The head of Guernsey's Hospitality Association is calling for an independent review into the Bailiwick's air links.

Alan Sillett says tourism will be severely hampered unless something changes, with some tickets for the government-owned airline Aurigny costing more than £200 each way.

Their arrangement states the company will "forsake a profit motive beyond that needed to be financially self-sufficient in favour of affordable air travel".

Mr Sillett added: "If that current agreement between the States of Guernsey and the state airline isn't working for the island, then there needs to be some expertise brought in to find a better way forward."

The President of the States Trading Supervisory Board which oversees Guernsey Airport, Deputy Peter Roffey, has admitted the cost of some tickets is "uber expensive" but explained the difficulties of changing the pricing model.

He said: "We could ask Aurigny to have a far flatter fare structure, but that's a double-edged sword. You would not get these uber-expensive fares for the last few seats but those people booking early, the Guernsey person typically wanting to go on holiday, wouldn't get the £69-pound flights they're getting at the moment.

"They would have to be far higher so I think you have to be careful what you ask for."

Passengers at Guernsey Airport shared mixed views on the fares as some criticised them for being too expensive, whilst others said they thought their trip was good value for money.

Aurigny defended its prices, saying the highlighted costs give a skewed view.

It stated: "The data point which the Guernsey Hospitality Association has chosen to highlight is outbound prices from next week, 18 March. This is just before the school Easter break, a very popular time for customers to book for the London Gatwick route.

"As this is less than two weeks away, it is not surprising that two flights that day are already sold out and the increase in demand understandably impacts the prices of remaining seats.

"Casting the net more widely shows seats available from £79.99 on 18 March when demand is lower.

"We are committed to delivering the best service at the best possible prices for our customers."