Ferry operators cancel direct boat trips from Jersey to Herm due to Guernsey travel rule

The Chief Executive of Herm Island has said imposing the travel rule would be a blow for its tourism industry. Credit: ITV Channel

Some ferry companies have dropped their direct trips from Jersey to Herm in response to travel rules.

Guernsey’s Border Agency has said it will enforce a "legal obligation" for boats to stop in an "approved port" such as St Peter Port before visiting the island.

It is in response to reports that a number of operators were not following this law, which has been in place for several years to allow the necessary customs and immigration checks.

However, the Chief Executive of Herm Island, Craig Senior, believes it will drive away daytrippers and have a big impact on the local economy.

He explained: "By enforcing this rule for whatever reason we're losing a thousand guests, that will probably lose us between five and ten thousand pounds.

"At this moment in time, there doesn't seem to be an appetite for Guernsey to work with Jersey to allow guests to come direct from Jersey to Herm."

The same travel restrictions do not apply to Sark as it has special dispensation.

The Border Agency told ITV News that they are currently reviewing the law to determine whether there are other viable options that do not leave the Bailiwick vulnerable.