Hairdresser shares stories of working for celebrities such as Dames Vera Lynn and Shirley Bassey

  • Celebrity hairdresser Adrian Rivett talks about his experience meeting Dame Shirley Bassey

A hairdresser from Jersey has been reflecting on his 60-year career, working with celebrities such as singer Dame Shirley Bassey, Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin and actor Dame Barbara Windsor.

Adrian Rivett recounts how Dame Shirley, wearing "little fluffy slippers and a dressing gown", gave him a front-row seat to her show after she realised he did not have a ticket.

He added: "Then she sang 'Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me' to me and I wouldn't get up. She pointed her finger at me and said, 'Adrian, you've had your last chance' so I got up and gave her a kiss. Then all the men in the audience came down and gave her a kiss as well. It was really special."

Adrian's favourite, however, will always be Dame Vera Lynn.

He said: "She was absolutely down to earth, something happened because the last time I did Vera's hair she called out and said, 'Adrian, how is your mother?'.

"It was very touching, she had remembered that my mother was very ill. She was a thoughtful lady, amazing."

Despite being a hairdresser for six decades, Adrian still loves his job and says the enjoyment comes from everyone who walks through the door.

He explained: "Making people feel good makes me feel good, that's important. I'm very lucky, not just stars but beautiful people."