Photographer reflects on meeting Godfather actor Robert Di Niro and his links to Jersey

  • ITV Channel reporter Katya Fowler strikes a pose for Jersey photographer Oliver Doran

A photographer from Jersey who has captured celebrities such as Robert Di Niro, Lewis Hamilton, Colin Firth and Sarah Jessica Parker has been reflecting on his experiences.

Oliver Doran recalled his time taking pictures of renowned actor Di Niro for a magazine shoot.

He explained: "I spoke about Jersey, I put the New York accent on and he said, 'oh really, you're from Jersey?' And I said, 'not the new one, the original Jersey'."

The two-time Oscar winner had heard of the small Channel Island off of Normandy's coast as Oliver added: "We're famous for our cows with the big eyelashes, and you know our milk is all over the world."

Di Niro replied: "Yeah, I think I've got some cash stashed away in Jersey."

Actor Robert Di Niro, supermodel Bella Hadid and actor Colin Firth posing for Jersey photographer Oliver Doran. Credit: Oliver Doran

Oliver has worked with many other stars on stage and screen and explained that despite the excitement of meeting so many celebrities, he has to hold back his enthusiasm as every second counts.

He said: "That initial feel-good moment is really important but sometimes you don't have a chance to do that and it's my job to make someone feel comfortable."