Plans to build ten-storey tower block for 57 key worker flats in Guernsey unanimously approved

Architectural designs show what the new tower block in St Peter Port could look like. Credit: Lovell Ozanne

A landmark new housing project for 57 key worker flats has been unanimously approved in Guernsey.

The ten-storey tower block is expected to become the island's tallest building and will be developed on the former CI Tyres site at Domaines des Moulins in La Charroterie.

The land was bought by the island's Housing Association for £1.7 million back in 2022 and it is a major project - the last time a building of such scale was given planning permission was back in the 1960s.

Some did share concerns about the height of the apartments, a lack of parking and negative impacts on the environment but Deputy Victoria Oliver, President of Guernsey's Planning Authority, says this was outweighed by the need for homes.

She explained: "Although reasonable concerns were raised and considered, at a time when Guernsey has a particular need for more key worker accommodation, on balance I'm pleased that we could approve this development."

A public footpath will be created through the site to the Area of Biodiversity Importance on the land above.

Deputy Peter Roffey, President of Guernsey's Employment and Social Security Committee, says more high-rise buildings could help solve the island's housing issues.

He explained: "We need about a thousand units of affordable housing over the next few years if you include key worker housing.

"Obviously we are quite a developed island already and that's going to take up a lot more land so where it's appropriate, if we can build more intensively and build taller, we won't have to take as much land as we would if we were spreading it over a much wider area."

Guernsey's National Trust also believes taller developments could help to protect the island's green spaces.

Mike Brown from the group said: "So much of St Peter Port is hilly, you could build into the hillsides there and you wouldn't notice the tower blocks."

Work is expected to start on the Domaines des Moulins development by 2027.