Long awaited womble trail opens to the public in Alderney

The characters have a long running association to Alderney with their creator spending much of her life there. Credit: ITV Channel

A trail featuring characters from The Wombles has been created on Alderney to encourage children to open up more about their feelings.

Central to the route are so-called 'whispering benches' which are designed as a place for young people to share secrets and have honest conversations.

The four-foot Wombles statues each weigh 250 kilograms and are carved from English oak.

They have been placed around the island and were funded by local sponsors and the Guernsey Lions Club.

The famous litter picker characters have a long-running connection to the island with their creator, Elisabeth Beresford, living in Alderney from 1978 until her death in 2010.

"The Wombles have a very special place in the hearts of everybody who lives on this island," William Tate, the President of the States of Alderney, said.

"The amount of work and effort that has been put into it is truly remarkable."

The trail's official opening had been delayed due to issues with planning permission.