Number of Guernsey civil servants sacked after 'withholding key costs' for hospital works

  • Deputy Al Brouard says "any staff who were made aware of this information are no longer employed by the States of Guernsey". ITV Channel's Serena Sandhu reports

The States of Guernsey has sacked a number of civil servants after they withheld key information from politicians, the Health Committee President has revealed.

In an unexpected statement, Deputy Al Brouard used a special parliamentary rule to tell the States that a small group of staff knew about the spiralling costs of the hospital modernisation project but did not share the information.

This meant politicians debated investment for the development without being aware of the full facts: civil servants knew it would likely cost up to £30 million over the £120m budget that was approved.

Deputy Brouard says these employees were aware of the new estimate in February 2023 but did not share it with the Health and Social Care Committee or other parties.

The Committee were only notified in December 2023 and briefed Policy and Resources on Tuesday 27 February 2024. All States' members were told on Monday 11 March.

Deputy Brouard says they are currently investigating the reasons and motives of why this happened and other senior staff members were equally concerned that this information had been withheld.

In replying to questions from States' members, he added: "There has been a substantial change of personnel. We rely on services provided by the civil service, we have been let down and I have made it clear we won't be let down again.

"Any staff who were made aware of this information are no longer employed by the States of Guernsey."

Deputy Brouard says he will spend the next few months looking at how they can reduce the costs of the hospital project but made it clear that they will not compromise on the development's scope.

If it is not possible to get back on budget, he will return to the States to debate the best way forward and to ask for more money.