Jersey man looks to become first person to run a marathon while DJing

  • ITV Channel reporter Phil Wellbrook has been running with the Jersey man hoping to set a world record. Picture courtesy of Max Young

A man from Jersey is hoping to set a world record by running the London Marathon while DJing.

Gus Fraser plans to mix music on his eight-kilogram DJ decks during the 26.2-mile race to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

He wants to reach £100,000 in donations for the charity after losing his dad to cancer 10 years ago.

Gus is a tech developer and a part-time DJ who has been training by going for runs with a weighted vest.

He has also been trying out different straps and speakers to keep the DJ decks in place during the marathon on Sunday 21 April.

Gus says the tunes will keep him going, explaining: "The music is motivational but I have to try not to run too fast because the decks are quite heavy, I have days when I think this is the stupidest idea I've ever had."

He hopes other runners will enjoy the music, adding: "I am going to play a few crowd-pleasers."

After six months of negotiations with Guinness World Records to set the terms and conditions for his attempt, Gus will need to complete the marathon in under five hours and only take short breaks in between songs.