Jersey's national dance company Ballet d'Jèrri celebrate first birthday

  • Watch as the Ballet d'Jèrri dancers perform their special birthday show

Jersey's first professional dance company is celebrating its first birthday.

Ballet d'Jèrri started rehearsals in January 2023 with performers now showcasing their skills internationally.

Over the weekend, they put on their "Anniversaithe" show at the Jersey Arts Centre.

The company say their performances should be accessible for all. Credit: ITV Channel

Artistic Director Carolyn Rose Ramsay said: "You start out with a concept and you think you know what you want but then as different people and experiences influence you, you start to have your vision evolve in such a beautiful way.

"I think that's what drives me because it's not just what I thought it was going to be a year ago, it's so much more than that."

Ombline Noyer is one of the original dancers who joined the team last year.

She said the past 12 months have been full of ups and downs.

Ombline explained: "It's been a little bit crazy, I think we've been in very different places within Jersey. We've travelled around the island and it's been an adventure."

The company have also brought in new performers, including Stanley Young from London.

He said: "I didn't see it in its actual infancy and I can't imagine that it's a year old. The way it's run and how successful it already is, it doesn't even cross my mind because it's so seamless."

Community is at the heart of Ballet d'Jèrri and so far they have taught just under 1,000 children.

Rehearsal Director Helen Oliver believes engaging with young people is vital.

She said: "There is that hope that we are creating some kind of legacy here as well. If we can get the younger children of the island enthusing about dance then actually we change the generations that come after them."