New Condor CEO announces schedule changes and closer working with Brittany Ferries

Christophe Mathieu
Christophe Mathieu was revealed as the new Interim CEO of Condor Ferries earlier this year. Credit: ITV Channel

Condor Ferries is to make changes to its sailing schedule for 2024 and work closer with French company Brittany Ferries.

Speaking in Jersey on Wednesday (27 March), Condor's new interim Chief Executive Officer, Christophe Mathieu, said it will mean "far more reliable and better schedules for both islands".

The changes will see a fast vessel linking Poole, Guernsey and Jersey and another linking St Malo with Guernsey and Jersey, plus discounts on European routes operated by Brittany Ferries, which is a shareholder of Condor.

Mr Mathieu told ITV News: "People will find all the information on the website.

"It's not a huge change to what it is, but will give back frequency and reliability."

The schedule changes will apply to both passenger and freight services.

He continued: "We're also going to change slightly the rollbacks and the ro-ro schedule, so that we come back to what I think was appreciated previously by the freight and logistic industry on the islands.

"We're going to use the Goodwill as she used to be used too. She would arrive at night in Guernsey and then early in Jersey so that the logistics can get back in operations."

Condor Ferries has an agreement with Jersey and memorandum of understanding with Guernsey to provide services until 2025.

When asked how he feels about Condor's future, Mr Mathieu said: "We are very confident. We are fully aware that the islands have launched their RFP to find a new operator and we are very confident that we will demonstrate to everybody that Condor and Brittany Ferries is the right choice going forward."

Christophe Mathieu also serves CEO of Brittany Ferries and has been involved with the company for more than 20 years.

In addition to announcing schedule changes, the new boss wants to better integrate Condor with Brittany Ferries, for which he is also CEO.

This means the company will play a more active role in Condor's day-to-day operations.

He explained: "We really need to get far more into it as Brittany Ferries and we want to integrate much more."

It follows the successful berthing trial of a 157-metre-long Brittany Ferries vessel in the Channel Islands on Tuesday (26 March).

Brittany Ferries is a shareholder of Condor Ferries. Credit: ITV News

Christophe Mathieu became Condor's interim CEO following the resignation of John Napton in February.

Russell Kew, Executive Chairman for Condor, said: "Christophe possesses exceptional experience in ferry operations as CEO of Brittany Ferries and will provide strong leadership for Condor.

"He also knows our people, customers and the islands well so it is very much business as usual."