World snooker champion praises Jersey 10-year-old's talent and 'snooker brain'

A boy from Jersey has been recognised for his talented "snooker brain" by professionals at just 10-years-old.

Despite his age, Archie Greier has been playing in the under-21 category in UK snooker competitions and winning.

Archie said: "It's been hard as I haven't been expecting to win because the people I'm against are a foot taller than me, then I turn out to beat them and I think how have I beaten them, they are massive?"

The 10-year-old snooker player says he looks up to two of the game's greatest, "Jimmy White and Steve Davis".

He adds: "First of all, I have to get to professional standard but once I have done that, like anyone, I want to win the world championships."

Archie Greier says Jimmy White, the four-World title and English professional snooker player is someone he looks up to Credit: Howard Greier

A former Seniors World Champion, Aaron Canavan says Archie is "special".

He added: "I have seen quite a few youngsters over the years but Archie does stand out alone. He is just very natural, his talent is there- it is plain to see.

"From a snooker player's perspective, he has what you would call a snooker brain, he works out all the shots.

"You can teach it to an extent, but Archie just has it, we use the term 'special' quite a lot but I believe that is what he is."

Archie's father Howard said Archie has set himself goals.

He said: "Archie has been practising his signature and autograph, he says one day I'll be famous and you can sell it.

"He has a sense of humour and he's setting his sights high."

Like many snooker legends he admires, Archie has been trying to come up with a snooker nickname, he added: "So far we have come up Archie Avalanche Greier."

But the pre-teen said he is yet to find the name that "pots the shot".

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