Jersey's new Health Advisory Chair prioritises using taxpayers' money efficiently

Chair Tom Hayhoe says: "I want to leave Jersey with a real world-class health service by the end of my time here". Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey's Chair of the Health and Community Services Advisory Board has explained his plans to improve the health system.

Tom Hayhoe was appointed on Wednesday 28 February by the island's Health Minister, Deputy Tom Binet.

Mr Hayhoe has stated that one of his priorities is to ensure taxpayers' money is used efficiently. It comes after a health board meeting last month revealed that the department is facing a deficit of £32.5 million.

Mr Hayhoe continued: "It's not so much cost-cutting as making sure we're using the taxpayer's money in Jersey to deliver the maximum amount of care which is the kind of currency of this."

The Board's new Chair has over 35 years of experience in health and social care leadership, working as the Chair within a range of contexts including the NHS.

Mr Hayhoe says: "I want to leave Jersey with a real world-class health service by the end of my time here.

"A system that is transparent and has people listening to them and is there for them."

He says his background in consumer representation will be beneficial: "I am keen that we listen to the consumer of health care, so the patient and the service user and we deliver to them what they are looking for."

In doing so, Mr Hayhoe wants to ensure the health board are hearing the patients' voices: "We are introducing at the beginning of every board meeting half an hour session where we will hear a patient or carer story."

He adds: "What I want to do is reach out to the wider community across the island, different demographics across the island.

"We need to get out to the community and hear from them what they are wanting, we need to celebrate the things we are doing well but also hear feedback from the things we aren't doing so well."