10,000 islanders in Jersey will see a reduction in their health care appointments

Adults on Income Support, or receiving Pension Plus in Jersey, will get a reduced rate for some health appointments. Credit: ITV Channel

Adults on Income Support or those receiving Pension Plus in Jersey will receive a reduced fee for some health care appointments.

The change in fees are for face-to-face adult consultations in GP surgeries and remote consultations provided by GPs, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and health care assistants.

The changes are part of improvements to the Health Access Scheme (HAS) which will benefit 10,000 islanders.

The £2 reduction to adult patient fees in GP surgeries means the new fees are:

  • £10 for a GP appointment

  • £7 for a nurse, paramedic or pharmacist consultation

  • £4 to see a healthcare assistant

  • No charges for children

Deputy Lyndsay Feltham, Minister for Social Security says the changes are necessary: "I recognise the ongoing financial pressures that many islanders are facing, so it’s important that we provide further support and act to make a difference where possible.

"I am also focused on making further improvements for patients and look forward to sharing more details over the coming weeks to help more islanders with the cost of their GP appointments.”

Bryony Perchard from the Primary Care Body (PCB), representing GPs in Jersey, says: "We welcome the minister’s further reduction to patient fees.

"This will ensure there is ongoing affordable access to primary care and that this remains an ongoing priority.”