Iconic Guernsey monument commemorating Queen Victoria covered in paint

The Queen Victoria statue was unveiled to the public at a special ceremony in 1900. Credit: Bailiwick Law Enforcement

An iconic bronze statue commemorating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee has been vandalised.

The protected monument in Guernsey's Candie Gardens was covered in pink paint or a similar substance sometime between 4pm on Wednesday 10 April and 8am on Thursday 11 April, police say.

A window on a nearby outbuilding has also been damaged.

Officers are investigating and would like anyone with information to call them on 01481 222222.

The structure is more than 21 feet high and has stood on public view for 124 years after Guernsey's Lieutenant-Governor unveiled it at a large gathering on 1 March 1900.

Local people have reacted with anger on social media, describing the act as "an utter disgrace", "absolutely disgusting" and "so disrespectful".

Businesses have offered to help clean the monument for free.