Guernsey's millennium tapestry set to move from St James

ITV Channel's Michael Maitland-Jones got up close with the island's iconic tapestry...

Guernsey's millennium tapestry will be moved from its current home at The Whittaker Gallery in St James later this year.

The work of art depicts a thousand years of Guernsey - from when the island came under the rule of William the Conqueror and right up to the occupation.

Ian Hunter, a tapestry trustee, said: "For me, the tapestry is a history of the island in easily digestible panels - anybody can come in here and get an idea of what the history of the island is".

The owners of the gallery in St James needed to use the space for other event, causing concerns that it might have to be moved into storage or off-island.

An agreement has now been reached, however, to move it to Castle Cornet - and thereby remain proudly on display for people in Guernsey to learn about their history.