Guernsey's government urged to follow UK and bring in gift aid on charitable donations

  • A gift aid scheme already exists in the UK with many charities advertising its benefits, such as this poster from Retina UK. Watch as ITV Channel's Kate Prout reports on calls for it to be introduced in Guernsey

A charity leader has criticised Guernsey's government for not doing enough to support local good causes.

The outgoing Vice President of the Association of Guernsey Charities (AGC), Peter Rose, announced he was stepping down earlier this month after 11 years with the group and wants a tax break on donations to help generate funds.

He says: "If you put money into it you will reap the benefits. We did a review of how effective charitable giving would be if there was gift aid and they reckon that the social return on investment, the benefit you get over and above donations was two and a half times.

"So you get two and a half the bang for your buck if you gift aid to charities because charities do things more efficiently: they're run by volunteers, whereas government policies are far more general."

A gift aid scheme is already used in the United Kingdom which means charities and community sports clubs can claim an extra 25p from the government for every £1 that is donated.

There are also calls for more focus on businesses.

Charity Director Bella Farrell says: "In a recent Health and Social Care survey, only 1% of the private sector supported the third sector.

"That sounds ridiculous and there was 27% or 29% who in some way touched the third sector but we should be seeing 80% or 100%, so we should not just be focusing on what the government can do, I think that's the easy question."

The Vice President of Guernsey's Policy and Resources Committee, Deputy Heidi Soulsby, says: "It is a subject that Peter feels very strongly about but the AGC has not raised the subject of gift aid for some time which means it has not been looked at this term.

"We have recently agreed on a 12-month States Commissioning Plan looking at how to support the third sector and we look forward to working with the charitable sector to ensure our partnership is as effective as possible."

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