Government plans to 'revitalise' St Helier's Broad Street criticised over accessibility issues

Jersey's government says it would permanently close Broad Street to traffic and remove the bus stop, with the Infrastructure Minister stating it is a 'priority' to revitalise St Helier. Credit: ITV Channel

Plans to fully pedestrianise a main St Helier street have been released, but there are concerns about the future of its existing bus stop and disabled parking.

Jersey government's plans would see Broad Street permanently closed to traffic to create a community space, citing the success of Charing Cross.

However, paving the area would mean the removal of the local bus stop, which covers four routes and more than 60 bus journeys every weekday.

Some also worry that paving the area will see the loss of Broad Street's current disabled parking bays.

"We want to revitalise St Helier and work on the public realm, and this is one of our priorities." - Constable Andy Jehan Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey's Infrastructure Minister, Constable Andy Jehan, says the Government are talking to Liberty Bus to work on a solution but adds that St Helier's hopper bus would make it easy for passengers to access the town.

More spaces for blue badge holders will also be created nearby.

Mr Jehan explains: "Part of our priorities is to make St Helier a more vibrant place so we're looking to improve the public morale.

"We need to go ahead and make Broad Street a community space where people can relax, sit down and enjoy the area."

Broad Street has been closed to most traffic since May 2020 when it was brought in to support social distancing in the early stages of the Covid pandemic.

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