Jersey's government increases subsidies for GP appointments by £10 but prices still vary

The total value of Jersey government's subsidy for a GP appointment will be more than £50 from Monday 20 May. Credit: PA

Jersey's government has increased its funding for GP visits by £10.

This latest reduction brings the overall subsidy for face-to-face appointments, surgery consultations and home visits to £50.28.

The amount residents currently pay after that subsidy ranges considerably, between £25 and £51 per visit.

This is because GP practices on the island are all privately owned so they make the final decision on pricing.

However, Jersey's Social Security Minister, Deputy Lyndsay Feltham, says surgeries are "contractually obliged" to reduce their fees from the current levels.

She adds: "I don't expect them to be increasing their fees in order to compensate for this additional increase in our subsidy.

"I am confident that GPs also want to make their services affordable for people."

The Government says lowering GP fees is one of their top priorities as patient charges can make it harder for some to access health services.

Deputy Feltham explains: "We really don't want the cost of visiting a GP to be a barrier that prevents people from seeking early help from their GP when they need it."

Gordon Callander from the Primary Care Body which represents GPs in Jersey adds: "We welcome any government initiative that reduces costs to patients to ease any financial barriers, especially to those most in need."

The subsidy will come into effect from Monday 20 May.