Jersey officials tighten medical restrictions for driving licences in line with UK and EU law

'Group 2' licence holders include minibus, coach and some van drivers. Credit: ITV Channel

Drivers of minibuses, coaches and larger vans in Jersey may need a medical certificate to prove they are fit enough to be on the road from October.

Rules are being tightened to bring the island closer in line with EU and UK law, the government has confirmed.

Anyone who first applies for a 'Group 2' licence, which is needed to operate larger vehicles, will have to submit a medical certificate.

This document is also needed when a driver starts suffering from some conditions and for any motorists aged 45 or over when they renew their 'Group 2' licence.

To receive a medical certificate for this type of licence, drivers must prove they have not had a seizure or taken prescribed medication to treat epilepsy in the last five years, and they have not had two or more seizures in the last 10 years.

These motorists also need a medical examination by a specialist in neurology who deems they are healthy enough to get behind the wheel.

Other requirements include the ability to read a number plate from 20 metres and reach the new field of vision and visual acuity standards - someone who can only see with one eye will not be able to hold a 'Group 2' licence.

Anyone with diabetes who is treated with insulin or another hypoglycaemic drug must also meet new rules.

There are separate requirements for a 'Group 1' licence, needed to drive smaller vehicles such as cars, although these standards have largely stayed the same.

Drivers with concerns about how the new restrictions could affect them should speak to their doctor.

'Group 1' licences will last for 10 years with 'Group 2' ones being valid for five years from the age of 45 and one year from the age of 65.

The changes will come into force on Saturday 5 October 2024 and more information is available here on the Jersey Government website.

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