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RNLI promises new lifeboat for St Helier

The RNLI has said it will provide a new lifeboat in St Helier but the replacement will take a few months to arrive.

It comes after the rescue charity took away the all-weather lifeboat this morning, after standing down the entire St Helier lifeboat crew.

It means there will no longer be an all weather lifeboat crew in Jersey until a replacement can be trained.

The RNLI said St Catherine's lifeboat station will remain open.

  • WATCH: After eight years of service in the island the George Sullivan is now on its way to Poole.


St Helier crew 'shocked' RNLI would take lifeboat

The coxswain of the St Helier Lifeboat Crew says he is 'shocked' to hear the RNLI have removed the lifeboat from Jersey.

The George Sullivan left the island at around 10:20am and is currently heading to Poole.

The decision to remove the boat from the island was made at a meeting this morning following the RNLI's decision to close the St Helier station with 'immediate effect'.

Andy Hibbs told ITV News it is 'ridiculous' that the RNLI would leave the local crew with no cover.


RNLI close St Helier lifeboat station

The entire St Helier Lifeboat Crew have been stood down by the RNLI and the station has been closed with 'immediate effect'.

The RNLI have already taken the St Helier Lifeboat from its berth in Jersey and it is believed to be heading to Poole in the UK.

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The decision was made this morning after a meeting between the national organisation and the St Helier local crew.

In a statement, the RNLI said: "It's with regret that we have made the difficult decision to close the St Helier lifeboat station for the immediate future".

It is impossible to run a station when the relationship with the RNLI and crew has broken down to this extent.

The crew have made it quite clear that they want to leave the RNLI and set up an independent lifeboat station. In the interim period, while they pursue that aim, I do not believe that they can fully commit to the RNLI. I no longer have confidence that the station can be run without constant challenges and without constant threat of crew resignation.

Our immediate focus will be on restoring an inshore lifeboat service in St Helier. Re-establishing all-weather lifeboat cover will take a few months and in the meantime the RNLI will transfer the Tamar class lifeboat to Poole, where it will be fully serviced and stay while we make plans for the future.

– Leesa Harwood, RNLI’s Director of Community Lifesaving and Fundraising

It follows the St Helier Lifeboat Crew's decision to split from the RNLI earlier this week.

They said they wanted to run the service independently, saying its relationship with the charity is "broken".

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