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Drop in crime in Jersey

There has been a drop in the number of crimes being reported to police in Jersey.

The force says reported crime in 2016 dropped 6% on the previous year – from 3,087 to 2,898.

In 2010 the figure was 4,563, more than a third higher than last year.

Domestic assaults were down by 14% on the previous year, which police attribute to internal initiatives and educational campaigns.

Jersey Police say officers ‘remain busy’ despite the drop.

Our calls to action by the public haven’t decreased and neither has the number of people brought through our custody suite. Rather, the nature of what we do has changed significantly and we, as a police force, must continually adapt to these demands. We must also adapt the way we work to the changing face of crime, training our staff to deal with cyber-crime and educating the public on how to keep themselves safe.

– Chief Officer, Mike Bowron, States of Jersey Police
Police on the streets of St Helier
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