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Islanders urged to take part in 'Save a Life, Save a Leg' lottery

Part of the money would go to help Anthony McMahon

Islanders are being asked to take part in a lottery that will help fund medical treatment for two Guernsey teenagers.

Organisers say more money is desperately needed to fund life saving treatment for Jonah Gillingham and leg surgery for Anthony McMahon.

The 'Save a Life, Save a Leg' lottery has already raised £15,000.

If all the tickets were sold £300,000 would be raised.

With 3 weeks until the lottery, organisers say there is still a great amount of tickets to sell.

Jonah Gillingham

Guernsey teen receives £15k for lifesaving treatment

17-year-old Jonah Gillingham

A Guernsey teenager has received a cheque for £15,000 to fund the lifesaving treatment he needs.

Jonah Gillingham has a rare blood disorder and the States are refusing to pay for his medicine.

The money presented to the 17-year-old came from a music festival held earlier this month, featuring DJ Oneofakind and Buffalo Huddleston.

Jonah and his family have previously thanked islanders for their generosity after more than £100,00 has been raised already.


Islanders get behind fundraising events for Jonah

Islanders are getting behind a campaign to raise money for a Guernsey teenager's life saving treatment.

Jonah Gillingham has a rare blood disorder but the Health department won't pay for his ongoing treatment. They say the drug is too expensive and unproven.

Jonah's parents, Sonia and Geoff started a fundraising campaign and with the help of islanders have now raised more than £30,000.

Events this weekend include a Santa Tea party and bike ride.

For more information visit the campaign Facebook page.

Jonah's parents

There's been some really bleak times but now that we have got the public behind us and we have got support and everyone knows what we are going through its nice, its comforting. We are just so grateful.

– Sonia Gillingham


Heather Watson supporting Guernsey teenager with rare blood disorder

International tennis star Heather Watson has come out in support of a Guernsey teenager who needs funding for treatment of a life threatening blood disorder.

17-year-old Jonah Gillingham has a rare blood disorder called aHUS, as well as leukemia that is in remission.

The Guernsey tennis player tweeted today saying "I am #TEAMJONAH".

The health department will not fund treatment for 17-year-old Jonah that doctors have recommended, so his family need to raise £300,000.

Watson also tweeted a link to his fundraising page, that you can find here.

£22,000 raised for teenagers life-saving treatment

Jonah Gillingham has Atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome

More than £22,000 has been raised to fund life saving treatment for a Guernsey teenager suffering from a rare blood disorder.

Jonah Gillingham's parents started a fundraising campaign last month after the Health Department said it would not fund the drug recommended by doctors to treat their son's illness.

Jonah has Atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome,(aHUS) a disease which effects the vital organs. His doctors recommend the drug Eculizumab - one of the most expensive drugs in the world.

Sonia and Geoff Gillingham say they need £300,000 to fund Jonah's treatment for a year with hopes the drug would fall in price in 2017.

The department agreed to pay for twelve weeks of life saving treatment but say the use of the drug for his condition is unproven and too expensive and will not continue funding the drug past 31st December.

If you would like to donate to the cause, click on this link.

'We have no options': Distraught parents look for way to fund son's treatment

The parents of a Guernsey teenager with a rare life-threatening blood disorder have said they feel they have no options, after HSSD have refused to fund treatment.

The department agreed to pay for twelve weeks of life saving treatment for 17-year-old Jonah Gillingham, but say the use of the drug for his condition is unproven and too expensive.

His family is now trying to raise the money themselves.

We just have no options at the moment, the only option we have is to try and fundraise so that we can do it ourselves until somebody steps forward and gives us an answer.

– Sonia Gillingham, Jonah's mother
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