Alderney chooses two representatives to the States of Guernsey

Louis Jean and Graham McKinley won the most votes in yesterday's election.

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Joint effort wins Alderney election

Two candidates who stood on a joint ticket to represent Alderney at the States of Guernsey enjoyed a resounding victory at this weekend’s poll.

Old friends Louis Jean and Graham McKinley joined forces in their election campaign saying they would present a united front in Guernsey to make sure the island's voice could be better heard.

Louis Jean is one of the Island’s two current serving Alderney Representatives, whilst Graham McKinley is a newly elected Guernsey States Member.

The decision to stand on a joint ticket was an unusual thing to do and the idea behind it was to gently make the point that I would prefer to work with Graham in the Guernsey States and that I think I could work effectively with him. I think that has been very well received.

– Louis Jean

I’m very grateful for the faith that voters have placed in me,’ he said. ‘I believe that the vote means that the electorate wants a joint approach to solving the problems that we experience here and try to deal with in Guernsey – I don’t think they always feel that they have had that in the past. I hope that together we may advance Alderney’s cause in Guernsey.

– Graham McKinley

The pair say the issue at the top of their agenda is securing and improving the Island’s air links.

We should agree a plan, a service level agreement and strive for representation on the board of Aurigny. Ensuring regular, affordable routes between here and the UK and Guernsey will greatly improve life in Alderney and that could help us tackle some of the other issues we have here, like attracting more residents to come and live on the Island.’

– Graham McKinley


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