Jersey teenager crowned youngest ever World Bowls Champion

A Jersey teenager has become the youngest ever World Indoor Bowls Champion. 14-year-old Chloe Greechan claimed the title today playing in the mixed pairs with her father Thomas.

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What it's like to win a world title with your daughter...

A Jersey man who helped his 14-year-old daughter become a world indoor bowls champion has said winning with her was 'unbelievable'.

Postman Thoman Greechan and his daughter Chloe won the mixed pairs title against Ireland after a tie-break finish.

To win that game there was just unbelievable. It is a great feeling to win a world title with your daughter.

– Thomas Greechan

"I'm over the moon" says 14-year-old world champion

The world’s youngest indoor bowls champion says she is ‘over the moon’ to have won her title.

Chloe Greechan won in the mixed pairs with her father Thomas at Grainville this morning.

The 14-year-old beat her Mum, Lynsey's record of being the youngest player in the world titles by two years.

I'm over the moon! It's just unbelievable, such a good feeling.

We only had two bowls and I knew I had to try and get one close to try and ease the pressure off Dad. I didn't, but it's just lucky he got his two bowls in and we won!!

– Chloe Greechan


Watch: Moment 14-year-old becomes World Champ

14-year-old Chloe Greechan has become the youngest ever World Indoors Bowls Champion.

She claimed the title after winning the mixed pairs title with her father Thomas. The family duo beat Ireland in a tiebreaker after losing the first round 7-5, then winning the second 11-2.

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