Spring clean for iconic chandelier

With 10,200 pieces, the Jersey Opera House chandelier takes two days to clean. Once it's finished, it's quite a sight.

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Watch: a spring clean for Opera House chandelier

After two days of work, from a team of five, the chandelier at Jersey Opera House has returned to the heights of the theatre - having had an extreme spring clean.

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Chandelier returns to Opera House heights

Cleaning the chandelier. Credit: ITV News

It's taken two days, and a team of five professionals, but the spring clean of Jersey Opera House's chandelier is finally finished.

The chandelier is made out of 10,239 light bulbs, and it's now back in pride of place, in the centre of the theatre.

The chandelier is now back in the centre of the ceiling. Credit: ITV News

Ensuring the chandelier is back to its sparkling best hasn't been easy, though:


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