The Channel Islands host their first Pride event

The event in St Helier today has been organised by Liberate.

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Guernsey politician: discrimination laws are 'behind the times'

A Guernsey politician has said discrimination laws are 'behind the times'.

Elis Bebb, an openly gay States member, said laws generally do not reflect the society; Guernsey still has no legislation to protect someone from discrimination on the ground of sexuality.

Jersey recently introduced laws against discrimination.

It comes after the Channel Islands first Pride event, the organiser said today however, that the the islands are more 'tolerant than accepting'.

Openly gay politician Senator Philip Ozouf has also come out to say that he has experienced discrimination and negative comments and views about his sexuality.

In general Guernsey laws are actually behinds the times, they are not a reflection on where we are as a society. It's the same on this issue as it is on so many other issues, so bringing in new legislation is something that's probably overdue. But before we do we need to know what the levels of discrimination of levels are so we can focus on what is the best priority for our legislation.

– Deputy Elis Bebb

Channel Islands LGBTQ situation more 'tolerance than acceptance'

The organisers of Jersey's first Pride event say the Channel Islands still have some way to go to fully accept gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people.

Liberate were delighted by more than 3,000 islanders turning out to the Pride march in St Helier at the weekend.

But Christian May, from the organisation says that the current situation is more 'tolerance rather than acceptance' in the Channel Islands.

He says Jersey has come a long way in that members of the LGBTQ community are tolerated now, but they need to become part of a wider community and be accepted.

Jersey has come very far towards tolerance but there's a next step which is acceptance. Whilst LGBTQ individuals and people of different faiths and races might be tolerated, actually what we need is acceptance and we need them to be part of a wider community.

– Christian May, Chairman Liberate


Organisers praise community's involvement in Pride

Organisers of Jersey Pride have praised the island community for making the event such a success.

3000 people took part in the Channel Islands first Pride on Saturday.

They paraded from West's Centre, through the town to the Weighbridge, where stalls and entertainment carried the party on until the evening.

Liberate's Vic Tanner Davy said the event had great support from lots of island organisations, including businesses, the Parish and the Honorary Police, as well as those who paraded.

More Pride events to come in the Channel Islands

The organisers of yesterday's Pride event in Jersey say there will be more in the Channel Islands.

I hope that we can persuade the committee over here to want to put on another event, and I know that Guernsey are very keen to have their own event next year as well. So Pride is here to stay in Jersey and Guernsey.

– Christian May, Chair of Liberate Jersey

3000 people take part in Jersey Pride

About 3000 people have taken part in the Channel Islands' Pride event today.

The celebration of equal rights for all sexualities has a long tradition in the UK, but this was the first one in Jersey.

The lively procession began this afternoon at West Centre and travelled down the high street before its final stop at the Weighbridge.

The festivities there are set to last long into the night.

Louisa Pilbeam was down in the action.


Speeches being made at Jersey Pride

Speeches are being made at Jersey Pride in the Weighbridge.

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Thousands of people have gathered, after parading through St Helier.

Among them are Jersey and Guernsey's Chief Minister.

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