Guernsey paves the way for UK prison smoking ban

Prison Governor of Les Nicolles prison says it is possible to ban smoking without causing trouble among inmates, as English and Welsh prisons are set to phase in smoke-free prisons at the start of next year.

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Jersey Minister: 'You can't take away a prisoner's right to smoke'

Guernsey prison was the second in Europe to ban smoking

Jersey's Home Affairs Minister has said the island will not be implementing a non-smoking policy in its prisons.

It comes as the UK plans to introduce a cigarette ban in some of its prisons, something Guernsey has had in place since 2013.

Guernsey's Prison Governor has said a ban is possible but only in prisons with the right controls and good order.

Deputy Kristina Moore says a non-smoking policy is not something that is currently being considered for Jersey.

We'll take a view at a later point. There are a number of factors to play. Firstly, that being the position of the law because the prisoner's cell is deemed to be their home for that time, therefore you cannot take away their opportunity to smoke if they so wish.

– Deputy Kristina Moore, Home Affairs Minister

UK prison smoking ban 'needs planning' to avoid unrest

The Governor of Guernsey's prison has warned a smoking ban would not work in prisons without sufficient control and order.

Les Nicolles prison became the second in Europe to go smoke-free in 2013.

Prisons in England and Wales are now planning to follow suit by introducing a ban on cigarettes.

However, Prison Governor David Matthews, has said a ban would only be wise in prisons where unrest is unlikely.

We haven't had any problems and I think that's to do with the way the prison was operating. We had very good order and control, we had very good staff-prisoner relationships and the environment was right to introduce the ban. There are some prisons where you wouldn't do this, you know, where there wasn't work, there wasn't enough employment for people, there wasn't education courses.

– David Matthews, Les Nicolles Prison Governor


Guernsey prison praised for going smoke-free

Guernsey's prison has been praised for banning smoking without it "causing trouble" among inmates.

Les Nicolles Prison Governor, Dave Matthews, says it is possible for prisons in England and Wales to follow their example and stop smoking among inmates without it causing aggressive behaviour.

English and Welsh prisons are set to phase in smoke-free prisons at the start of next year.

Guernsey Prison was just the second prison in Europe to go smoke-free.

Mr Matthews said the move in England and Wales is "well overdue" and dismisses the idea that trouble will follow.

Speaking in the Guardian, he said: "I maintain that as long as the nicotine addiction is served, there isn't a problem. You don't need cigarettes."

He said that since the ban was brought in on New Year's Day 2013, there has been 'no trouble'.

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