Guernsey disability discrimination laws delayed

Laws to stop discrimination against disabled people in Guernsey have been delayed. The changes are part of the Disability Strategy but a report says progress is slow and campaigners say more needs to be done urgently.

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Chief Minister: States are not prioritising plan for disability changes

Guernsey's Chief Minister has said the government have not prioritised their project to improve quality of life for disabled islanders.

The Disability Strategy was agreed upon two years ago but a report has said it is making slow progress.

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq said it's because the States have not prioritised the changes above other projects.

A lack of resources and staff have also been blamed.

Plans for disability discrimination laws were meant to be set out in December, now that will not happen.

Guernsey mum: time is 'running out' for disabled children's education

A mum in Guernsey has said time is 'running out' for her disabled children's education.

Leonie Burrows has hearing impairments, so do her three children.

They don't receive enough help in school for their disabilities she says, and there are no specialist staff on hand.

It comes after a report said that two years on, Guernsey's Disability Strategy is making 'slow progress' and disability laws have been delayed.

Leonie says more needs to be done now or it will soon be too late to help her children, and any other disabled children currently in education.

Some progress has been made, she says but she wants to see more.


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