Anger and concern after Blue Islands disruption

Islanders, businesses and politicians have been left angry and concerned after local airline Blue Islands cancelled numerous inter-island flights.

Jersey's Chamber of Commerce a 'robust' service is needed for business, tourism and leisure industries, as well as affordability.

Senior politicians in Jersey have met with Blue Islands bosses to try and resolve the problems.

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Blue Islands get new plane to handle flight disruption

Local airline Blue Islands has received its new 50 seater plane this weekend, in an attempt to ease recent problems with disruption.

It's on a short-term lease and the company hope it will reduce ongoing service problems.

Numerous flights were cancelled at the end of last month due to operational reasons, which resulted in senior Jersey politicians meeting Blue Islands bosses to discuss the issues.

The airline now have five planes, meaning they have a spare aircraft in case others are left out of action.


Politicians meet Blue Islands bosses over passenger anger

Politicians in Jersey will be meeting with Blue Islands bosses today, after thousands of passengers have experienced delays and cancellations with them.

Jersey's Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, and the Economic Development Minister will be discussing the on-going problems later.

Senator Lyndon Farnham has told ITV News he hopes the meeting will help find a solution.

Numerous early morning flights were cancelled between the islands for 'operational reasons' last week.

Blue Islands have apologised saying delays have been caused by bad weather and technical problems.

It comes after the Senator has received numerous complaints from customers unhappy with the 'continuity, reliability and value' offered by the Flybe. Blue Islands partnership.


Angry customers on inter-island flights

Frustrated passengers have been telling ITV News of their experiences with disruption when flying between the Channel Islands.

Flybe and Blue Islands have faced criticism over the reliability and value of flights.

Here is what customers had to say:

Blue Islands apologises for flight disruption

Blue Islands has apologised to passengers, who have been expressing their anger at recent disruption to flights.

The airline put the delays partly down to bad weather but also says it has been let down by technical issues and the fact that a new aircraft it was expecting failed to arrive on time.

The company says the combination of factors has contributed to the delays over the past couple of months.

We are now in the final stages of sourcing an alternative aircraft to ensure that we can best support our operation with our own Channel

Island-based spare aircraft.We wish to assure all of our customers of our attention to these matters, as we focus on our service provision and commitment to our Jersey and Guernsey operations.

– Rob Veron, CEO, Blue Islands
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