Politician suggests cycle tax to pay for road safety improvements

A Guernsey politician says a cycle tax could be a possible solution to covering the costs of improving road safety.

It comes as work at Salerie Corner has gone over budget by around £30,000.

But the President of Environment and Infrastructure says the investment is 'the right thing to do'.

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Salerie Corner project runs over budget after new additions

Campaigners called for changes at the junction after the death of a cyclist there

Works to make Salerie Corner in Guernsey safer for pedestrians and cyclists will go over budget.

It's because new lights, CCTV cameras and railings are being installed, which were not part of the original plans.

Infrastructure's President says as the project progressed the team realised 'additional measures' were needed.

It will also now take longer to complete after staff sickness and restrictions on overtime.

The work was initially estimated to cost around £50,000, although it is not yet known how much will now be spent on the project.

The original concept was for a reasonably basic realignment of the cycle path and crossing point, but as the project progressed it became clear we needed to introduce additional measures, such as adjusted levels and drainage, railings, lighting and CCTV.

The total cost is not yet known, but will be met within the Committee’s existing budget. The Committee will continue to keep a close eye on the finances of the project.

– Deputy Barry Brehaut, President, Committee for Environment & Infrastructure
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