Sark votes to regulate electricity prices

Islanders in Sark could see electricity prices plummet, after politicians voted for a regulator.

Chief Pleas voted for the a regulator for the first time last night, who will be able to check prices.

The island currently pays the highest price in the islands for electricity, around four times more than Jersey.

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Manager of Sark Electricity says commissioner's recommendations tell "story of betrayal"

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David Gordon-Brown, the manager of Sark Electricity, says the recommendation by the island's first electricity regular to reduce electricity prices tells "a story of betrayal".

For the past eight years the people of Sark have been betrayed by a committee of incomers with so little understanding of Sark that they expect Electricity Prices here to be comparable to their experience in the UK.

Now the Company has been betrayed by a commissioner with so little understanding of Sark that he expects the costs of producing electricity here to be comparable to his experience in the UK.

– David Gordon-Brown, Manager of Sark Electricity


Sark Electricity Ltd worried 'prices will go up more'

The owner of Sark Electricity Ltd has told ITV News of his fears that regulation could 'put prices up even more'.

Yesterday Chief Pleas voted to bring in a regulator for the first time, who will be able to control prices.

Sark currently pays among the highest prices int he world for electricity.

But David Gordon-Brown says if the issue 'isn't sorted out properly' it could get worse, which is the last thing the island 'wants and needs'.

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