WWII bomb discovery closes Portsmouth Harbour and strands ferries

A WWII bomb was discovered in Portsmouth Harbour this morning, leaving the Condor Clipper stranded.

Around 100 people were on board after the ship left Jersey last night.

The Royal Navy towed the device away to detonate it in open waters.

The rest of Clipper services for today have now been cancelled.

It's the third bomb to be discovered since September, as part of an operation before the Navy's newest aircraft carrier arrives in the harbour.

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Bomb found in Portsmouth taken 'very seriously'

A Commander of the Royal Navy has told ITV News the bomb found in Portsmouth Harbour this morning had to be taken 'very seriously'.

The discovery meant several passenger ferries were left stranded off the coast, including Condor's Clipper.

A 500m exclusion zone was put up around the device for safety.

Commander Del McKnight explains that after it was confirmed as a bomb a specialist team removed it from the harbour 'quickly and safely'.

Photos released of bomb which stranded ferries off the UK

The bomb found in Portsmouth this morning Credit: @VAdmJWoodcock

Photos have been released of the WWII bomb which stranded numerous passenger ferries of the UK this morning.

The device was discovered in Portsmouth Harbour during dredging, meaning the exclusion area had to be put in place.

Condor's Clipper couldn't get into port, leaving around 100 people stuck on board.

The bomb was taken away by the Royal Navy and destroyed and the Clipper docked around 11am.

Credit: @VAdmJWoodcock

Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Jonathan Woodcock says the bomb disposal team were 'cool as a cucumber'.


Clipper stranded off Portsmouth following harbour bomb discovery

The scene from a stranded ferry Credit: Zoe Grisdale

Around 100 passengers are currently stranded on board the Condor Clipper off Portsmouth.

Its after what is thought to be a WW2 bomb was discovered in the harbour's waters.

A Navy bomb disposal unit is on the scene and there is 500 metre exclusion zone around the suspected device.

The harbour will now be closed all day, leaving the Clipper stuck after leaving Jersey last night.

In a statement the ferry operator said:

Due to a possible unexploded ordinance found in Portsmouth Harbour, the harbour is currently closed.

Commodore Clipper is currently holding outside the harbour and we will send out an update once further information is received.

– Condor Ferries
Credit: www.marinetraffic.com

The Navy say this isn't the first time a device has been found.

Another German UXB has been found in Portsmouth harbour.

A 500-metre cordon is in place around the device which is preventing cross-channel ferries from entering and leaving the ferry port.

A plan is in place to tow the bomb out of the harbour where it will be destroyed in open waters by RN bomb disposal experts.

The device was found by a dredging barge carrying out work in the harbour before the arrival of HMS Queen Elizabeth - the navy's new 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier - into the naval base next spring.

– Royal Navy

Other ferries have been left stranded off the coast as well.


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