Storm Eleanor floods the Channel Islands

Homes in Guernsey have flooded this morning after winds of up to 70mph have battered the Channel Islands overnight.

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A week of windy weather

After a week of windy and wet weather it seems the islands are finally having a reprieve.

Here are some of the incredible scenes we've seen from across the week.

Gales cause more destruction in Jersey

Greve de Lecq pier Credit: ITV Channel Television

A section of Greve de Lecq pier in Jersey has collapsed after gales hit the islands again this morning.

Large chunks of railing and parts of the car park have also been been washed away.

Greve de Lecq pier Credit: ITV Channel Television

An orange weather warning continues to be in force today across the Channel Islands. The winds however will start to moderate as the day goes on.



Storm Eleanor floods homes in Guernsey

Credit: ITV Channel Television

Homes in Guernsey have flooded this morning, due to high tides and strong winds from Storm Eleanor.

Families at Rocquaine are trapped inside their homes due to high water levels.

Temporary road closures are being put in place, north of the Imperial Hotel Junction. Route du Pulias is also flooding.

L'eree is inaccessible due to a large amount of water on the road. There is a large amount of debris on the road at Perelle.

There is also a report of a fallen tree opposite the Venture Inn, Rue de la Villiaze, Forest.

Islanders urged to take care after red weather warnings issued

Credit: Jersey Met

Islanders are being asked to take care when out and about, after red weather warnings have been issued by Jersey Met.

Winds are expected to reach Storm Force 10 later, and high tides will see water come over the sea walls along Jersey's South coast and Guernsey's West coast during this evening's high tide.

Flooding could even occur during tomorrow morning's high tide at 7:03am.

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