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Watch: 45 suspects in child sexual exploitation investigation

Jersey Police have announced Operation Whistle - a probe into child sexual exploitation on the island.

They are investigating 45 suspects, 13 of whom are people of 'public prominence', who are likely to be known to the public.

Watch Wesley Smith's full report here:


Historical abuse suspects 'known to the public'

Jersey Police have confirmed they are investigating "people of public prominence" in Jersey, as part of their probe into child sexual exploitation.

There are 45 suspects, some of whom are deceased, unidentified or not from the island.

The police say they have received more than 50 reports of historical abuse by alleged victims, and that the increase in people coming forwards is partly down to the Jimmy Savile investigations, and the Jersey Care Inquiry:

13 of the suspects are people of "public prominence", and Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull, Head of Crime Services, says this means they would be known to the public:

This could include, for example, people in the media, politicians, TV celebrities, people of that ilk."

– Superintendent Stewart Gull, Head of Crime Services