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Islanders stranded in St Malo for fourth day in a row

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Condor Rapide sailings from St Malo to Jersey and Guernsey have been cancelled today due to weather conditions.

It comes after sailings from the French port have been cancelled for three days in a row due to industrial action.

Thousands of islanders are stranded in St Malo and Condor say there is a continuing risk of industrial action.

Cancelled services:

  • St Malo to Jersey at 8am
  • Jersey to St Malo at 9:05am
  • St Malo to Jersey at 1pm
  • Jersey to Guernsey at 2:10pm
  • Guernsey to Poole at 3:50pm

Condor had rescheduled the sailings for 4pm this afternoon but have since delayed these by another hour:

  • St Malo to Jersey at 5pm
  • Jersey to St Malo at 6:15pm



Condor Liberation: 'scaremongering' comments 'damaging tourism' in Jersey

Condor Liberation

The "suitability" and "seaworthiness" of the new Condor Liberation were debated in the States of Jersey today.

Deputy Russell Labey of St Helier asked the following question of Senator Lyndon Farnham, Minister for Economic Development:

Would the Minister advise members what advice the Economic Development Department received in relation to the suitability of the Condor Liberation for cross-Channel ferry operations and, in particular, detail what advice was received on the vessel's seaworthiness and unique design and indicate who provided that advice?"

– Deputy Russell Labey

Senator Lyndon Farnham replied by saying he is confident Condor Ferries took all due diligence to ensure the Liberation is suitable, before it began operating in the Channel Islands.

He said there have been disappointing delays for passengers on the Liberation, and that a suitability review is to be carried out.

But he said "ill-informed", "inaccurate" and "scaremongering" comments about the boat are causing "untold damage to the company, and tourism in Jersey".

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