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  1. Jess Dunsdon

Falklands War: Return, Reunion and Remembrance

All this week, ITV Channel Television has featured a series of special reports, as we joined former paratrooper Dave Baker on his return to the Falklands, 35 years after the end of the war.

It was the first time Dave had returned since the end of the conflict.

By returning to the Falklands and laying old ghosts to rest, Dave has awakened many facets of the human spirit.

Looking back on his week, there's been laughter. There have been tears. New friendships have been made, while old ones were fondly remembered.

Despite the rollercoaster of emotions, there were no regrets for Dave about coming back.


Stunning aerial photography over the Falklands

Take a look at the stunning views over the Falklands, filmed by our cameraman and aerial photography pilot Daniel Wickham.

The footage formed part of a series of reports, following former Paratrooper Dave Baker on his first trip back to the Falklands, for the first time since the end of the war in 1982.

You can watch our special reports here: