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GSPCA warning to dog walkers

Islanders are warned to keep their dogs away from the substance. Credit: PA

The GSPCA is warning dog owners in Guernsey about a white substance that has been found on the island's beaches.

Yesterday, the Environment Department issued its own message of advice to islanders, and said it's cleaning up the substance where it is found:

We have had reports of the white oily substance being seen along Vazon and the Environment Department and the GSPCA would like to warn all dog owners along the coast of the potential dangers to their pets.

We don't know if it is palm oil which has been seen in the past and this is a white oily looking substance, which if ingested can kill a dog so please keep a very close eye on them when along the coast.

The main problems are vomiting and diarrhoea and these can lead to dehydration, particularly in young or small dogs.

There is also a potential risk of pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreatitis) which can result in vague, non-specific signs including vomiting and diarrhoea.

This is a risk in dogs that eat a large amount of any fatty or oily food substance.

At the GSPCA we would suggest anyone with a dog that has eaten palm oil contact their vet immediately for advice, particularly if the dog is already unwell.

There is no specific treatment but the dog may need medication to control vomiting and intravenous fluid to treat or prevent dehydration."

– Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager

The Environment Department is asking people to let them know if they spot the substance, by calling 717200.


Search for Jessie the missing dog continues

Jessie the beagle cross. Credit: GSPCA

Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are appealing for the public's help, as they continue to search for a missing dog.

Jessie, a beagle cross, is described as "nervous and timid" and was recently adopted from a UK dog rescue centre.

She was spotted a number of times in the St Martins, St Andrews, St Peter Port and Forest area over the Bank Holiday Weekend, but bolted before team members were able to catch her.

The GSPCA is in contact with her owners.

They're asking people to contact them if they spot Jessie, but not to approach the eight-year-old dog.

Over the Bank Holiday we had many sightings of Jessie the stray beagle cross, but as previously when approached she took off at speed and by the time the GSPCA staff and volunteers got to the locations she was nowhere in sight.

We do have a trap at a location where she has been seen but she is proving difficult to catch.

She is a beagle cross, brindle and white, 8 year old, female and is likely to run off if you try and get too close.

If you see 'Jessie' please call us immediately on 257261 and if you can contain her in a secure area this would be a huge help."

– Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager

There is a £200 reward for her safe return.

Learning first aid to save your dog

Seven people joined the trainer for the first session Credit: GSPCA

People in Guernsey have been learning how to save their dogs' lives, in an emergency.

The first aid for dogs sessions are run by the GSPCA.

They take around two hours, and cover different situations including CPR and dealing with seizures.

"At the GSPCA we feel education is a vital part of our work and by passing on knowledge can help improve and with our first aid training help save animals lives."

– Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager

You can find out more, or book a place on one of the sessions, here.