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Some Jersey youngsters don't know they're eligible to vote

A number of young islanders have told ITV News they did not know they were eligible to vote in the Senatorial by-election.

Less than 20% of the electorate used their vote on Wednesday, which saw Sarah Ferguson elected back into the States Assembly.

The Senator says she blames 'the Royal Square bubble' for voter apathy.

And seems that not enough is being done to engage Jersey youngsters in local politics.

  • WATCH: Three teenage girls gave us their views on voting...

Jersey's new Senator says 'Royal Square bubble' put people off voting

Jersey's new Senator says islanders feeling out of touch with government could be a reason behind a low turn out of voters on Wednesday.

Senator Sarah Ferguson has been officially sworn into the States today, after collecting 3,649 votes in the by-election.

Less than a fifth of islanders on the electoral roll used their vote, with the new Senator blaming 'the Royal Square bubble' for causing voter apathy.

Senatorial by-election winner says competition was strong

The winner of yesterday's Senatorial by-election, Sarah Ferguson, says she was up against strong competition.

The former Senator has been voted back into Jersey's States Assembly, after a narrow victory, with little more than 100 votes between her and Deputy Sam Mezec.

Both were among the 11 candidates vying for the Senatorial seat left vacant after Dr Zoe Cameron resigned in July.

Immigration, population, housing and taxes are among the political issues Jersey's newest Senator has vowed to improve.

Immigration, population, taxes and housing are new Senator's priorities

Immigration, population, housing and taxes are among the political issues Jersey's newest Senator has vowed to improve.

Voters in Jersey have elected Sarah Ferguson into a Senatorial seat in the States Assembly, which was left vacant by Dr Zoe Cameron in July.

Here are her thoughts on the issues she's vowed to help tackle...


The level of immigration into the Island is unsustainable. No one would deny the benefits of fresh ideas being brought into the Island but the strain on infrastructure caused by uncontrolled immigration is worrying.

– Sarah Ferguson's manifesto

Population and housing

The increase in population means an ever-increasing demand for housing at all levels. At the lower levels it leads to difficulties for native islanders who may need social housing.

It is essential that there is support for the Parishes to find brownfield sites for affordable housing. Unless these are found the Parish villages will wither away and with them a significant part of the Honorary system.

Inward migration has increased the pressure on affordable housing. The consequent pressure on land available gives an incentive to reduce the sizes of property in an attempt to make homes more affordable. This must be resisted.

– Sarah Ferguson's manifesto


There must be a review of the total tax system and there also needs to be an up to date cost/benefit analysis of the zero/10 system. Then we evaluate reform of the system and possible charges.

– Sarah Ferguson's manifesto

You can learn more about Ferguson's policies in the following video, which was released ahead of yesterday's vote.

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Jersey's by-election in numbers

Sarah Ferguson is hugged by a supporter

Sarah Ferguson replaces Dr Zoe Cameron as a Senator in Jersey's States Assembly.

Ferguson secured a narrow majority, beating Deputy Sam Mezec to the seat.

Here are some key figures from the by-election;

Senatorial seat
Total votes cast
People who voted for Sarah Ferguson
Votes between Sarah Ferguson and Deputy Sam Mezec
Parishes in which Sarah Ferguson topped polls

Sarah Ferguson says by-election was a 'well fought race to the end'

Sarah Ferguson has thanked people who voted for her and supported her throughout her election campaign.

A majority of 131 votes has secured her a Senatorial seat in Jersey's States Assembly.

Writing on Twitter, she also thanked the other candidates for their efforts in the by-election - while another of her Tweets concentrated on the post-election clean up...

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Christian May apologises to supporters after by-election result

Christian May has apologised to supporters after he failed to win Jersey's Senatorial seat.

He came third in the polls, after Sarah Ferguson and Deputy Sam Mezec.

2018 islanders gave May their vote.

He took to social media shortly after the declaration to apologise to people 'who feel let down.'

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3649 islanders vote Sarah Ferguson back into Jersey Senatorial seat

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson has been voted back into Jersey's States Assembly, following a narrow victory in the by-election.

Ferguson, who has been Senator before but suffered a narrow defeat in the 2014 election, took an early lead when results from the by-election were declared this evening.

She was beaten by Sam Mezec in St Saviour and Hugh Raymond in Trinity, but had a comfortable lead having topped polls in the other nine parishes.

However support from residents of St Helier, which Mezec currently serves as Deputy, made the final result a close one.

The total votes each candidate recieved are as follows;

  • Sarah Ferguson - 3649
  • Sam Mézec - 3518
  • Christian May - 2018
  • John Young - 1240
  • Hugh Raymond - 988
  • Guy de Faye - 254
  • Nick Le Cornu - 246
  • Mary O’Keeffe-Burgher - 139
  • Alvin Aaron - 103
  • Mike Dun - 73
  • Stevie Ocean - 70
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