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Supermarket prices 'disheartening' says local mother

A mother in Jersey has described comparing prices for food in Jersey supermarkets with those in the UK as 'disheartening.'

It comes as a survey shows a quarter of all households in Jersey are struggling to make ends meet.


29% of Jersey households are worse off compared to last year

Government to work on islanders basic needs

Everyone should be able to afford the food that they need with which to live, there are some basic needs that government needs to continue to work on, one of those basic needs is shelter and a right to a home and ownership so there are lots of things that government is going to be doing over the next three and a half years delivering for all islanders. The reason we're promoting economic growth and want to grow the economy is because that will benefit all islanders because it's about money in pockets for everyone, it's about jobs for everyone and it's about people being able to meet these basic needs.

– Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst

One in ten households may have been going without clothes for adults in the last 12 months or new clothes for children or waterproof shoes in the last 12 months. When we get to social housing, breaking the analysis down by tenure, we see about one in three such households reported having gone without new clothes for adults in the last 12 months and one in four such households with children going without new clothes for children.

– Dr Duncan Gibault, States Statistics Unit
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