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Jersey's big dogs lapping up attention from shoppers

On World Animal Day, around 40 big dogs were parading around St Helier and lapping up the attention.

The Newfoundlands, Leonbergers, Landseers and a Great Dane were padding down King Street raising money for charity.

The huge hounds are with the Jersey Big Dog Club who are testing their water rescue skills and draughting this weekend.

Luke Castiglione went to see them.

Man has 'lucky escape' from fire

Credit: Jersey Fire and Rescue

A man had a "lucky escape" after a large fire broke out in St Helier, firecrews have said.

Two fire engines were called out to a garage on La Pouquelaye this afternoon.

An electric hot lamp is believed to have caused the blaze. Work was being carried out on a vehicle inside the garage.

The fire has been put out, but crews say the damage has left the building in an unsafe condition.

They remain on the scene and the adjacent road is still closed.


'Explosion' heard before fire in St Helier

Credit: Peter Roux

Firefighters say the blaze in St Helier this afternoon is believed to be caused by an explosion inside a garage.

Ryan Hall, from Jersey Fire and Rescue Service, says work was being done to a vehicle before it happened.

Neighbour helps firefighters using his garden hose

Footage shows a nearby resident trying to help tackle the fire in St Helier.

Americo Lira took this video as he used his garden hose to help firefighters at La Pouquelaye.

Jersey Fire and Rescue responding to incident in St Helier

Fire crews are dealing with a fire on La Pouquelaye in St Helier.

They've closed part of the road. More to follow.

The smoke in St Helier can be seen from St Aubin Credit: ITV Channel TV
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