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Christmas lights damaged in Guernsey

Police in Guernsey are appealing for information on what they are calling an 'ongoing problem', after Christmas lights on a house in St Peter Port were damaged.

It happened in Lower Hauteville, at some point last night or this morning.

This is part of an ongoing issue, as on separate occasions in the past three weeks other damage has also been caused.

– Guernsey Police

Anyone with information is asked to call 01481 725111, or contact Crime Stoppers.


Future of St Peter Port seafront discussed

Pedestrianising the seafront, an underground car park on North Beach and an underpass at the Town Church Courtesy Crossing were all suggestions mooted at a public meeting last night which focused on the future of St Peter Port’s historic seafront.

The event was organised as part of a wider consultation about the area.

Around 50 islanders turned out to the event, including parish officials, representatives of business, political pressure groups and deputies.

Alex Fuller, Chairman of the Fuller Group, said:

There’s so much opportunity [in St Peter Port], it’s just frustrating the process is so slow. One could easily be quite cynical about whether change will actually take place.

But I do see this as a tremendous opportunity. St Peter Port is already the jewel in the crown of Guernsey, but I feel it’s over dominated by vehicles. Parking is important but we can manage that so much better. The motor car seems to rule and the pedestrian is very much inferior.

– Alex Fuller

Many of the attendees expressed a degree of cynicism over whether the changes discussed at the meeting would happen, but the overall mood afterwards was positive amongst the guests.

Many of the people at the meeting said afterwards they felt the consultation was a good idea and handled well by the States during the evening.

Guernsey’s Chief Minister Jonathan Le Tocq said:

My hope is that there will be not only things we can take from tonight, but that moving forward there will be momentum.

From a political point of view there will be a greater degree of steer about the issues that need to be a priority so that we don’t get focused on just trying to solve problems like a crossing on the front, which was a big issue back in the summer, but instead we look at the broader issues that are not going to go away so that St Peter Port can be developed and enhanced.

– Jonathan Le Tocq

It’s expected there will be another event similar to this one early next year, although the date has not been confirmed.

Islanders to have their say on St Peter Port seafront changes

Islanders will get their say on controversial plans to re-design St Peter Port seafront for the first time tonight.

The first of a series of public consultation workshops is being held this evening and will include representatives from Guernsey's Chamber of Commerce, campaign group Enough is Enough, as well as members of the public.

The proposals have previously come under fire from Deputy Mary Lowe, who quit the seafront committee in September, arguing it was planning things outside of its area of responsibility.

Changes could include removing parking from the piers to make way for commercial developments, a new harbour passenger terminal and more traffic-reduction measures on St Peter Port's main roads.

These are issues that affect us all to some degree, and as such there are lots of views on the best way forward and where the balance between all the different requirements should be. The purpose of the consultation process is to ensure we are aware of the public’s appetite for change and to discuss the issues that are most important to us.

– Jonathan Le Tocq, Chief Minister

Diversion in St Peter Port due to road works

Roadworks are scheduled to be finished by Sunday 29 March.

The one-way system along North Esplanade and the Quay, in St Peter Port, will be reversed - to run northbound from the Town Church to the Weighbridge Roundabout - because of road works.

Quay Street and Town Church will also be re-opened.

The diversion will be in place from early morning Saturday 21 March, until Sunday 29 March.

It's because resurfacing works need to be completed on the seaward side of the junctions at either end of the works.

Inbound services to the Bus Terminus (apart from the 93) will follow the diversion, or join the diversion at various points.

Pedestrians should follow signs to the appropriate crossing points.

Car scratched in St Peter Port

Police are appealing for information.

Guernsey Police are appealing for information, after a vehicle was scratched on St John's Road, in St Peter Port.

The damage was caused to a blue Perodua Kelisa, and spans the full length of the driver's side.

It happened between 7am on Thursday 12 March, and 10am on Saturday 14 March.