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Sark: moving forwards

In the last of our in-depth reports into Sark, Rob Moore speaks to a group of islanders who are desperate for EU intervention, to force further reforms on the island's government.

'Sark First' say they've been scared to speak out for a long time.

But, they believe the economy's deteriorating, to the point where families are being forced to leave:


Sark: a lingering political divide

In the second of our special reports on Sark, Rob Moore speaks to two of the big players in the island's story.

Kevin Delaney, who has closed down four hotels, and campaigns for political reform.

And the one-time feudal lord, Seigneur Michael Beaumont.

Feudalism may have given way to democracy, but political feuding between the two is deeply intertwined with the island's economic success:

Tomorrow, Rob meets with a group of islanders who say they're suffering because of Sark's economic deterioration.

Is there a way for Sark to move forward united, rather than divided?

Sark: preparing for the tourism season

It's an island that depends on tourists, but this year most of Sark's hotels will be closed to visitors.

Owned by the billionaire Barclay brothers, and closed by their former manager Kevin Delaney, they symbolise the island's deep divisions.

The island is split economically as well as politically - with some forecasting a hugely busy summer, while others describe an economy in real decline.

Rob Moore has spent a week in the island, meeting people on both sides.

This is the first of our three-part series looking at the issues facing Sark, and meeting the key people who between them, will make or break its economic future: