Blaze at Boat House restaurant

Part of the Boat House restaurant in St Aubin could be open again next week, despite a devastating fire which ripped through the roof last night (Friday).

Firefighters were called just after 8.30 when a blaze broke out in the kitchen area. The restaurant had been unaware that a fire had taken hold in the roof until a chef from a nearby restaurant ran across to report flames.

B the time fire crews arrived the building was well alight. The restaurant had been packed with around 170 diners, and they were all safely outside within three minmutes.

Seven firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the building from the front and rear of the building to tackle the fire with a high- pressure hose reel and water jets. A further crew fought the blaze from the outside.

At the height of the blaze more than 20 firefighters were on scene. The cause of the fire is being investigated.

One diner described a sudden burst of smoke coming from the upstairs kitchen area just before everyone left the building.

Boat House Group managing director Nigel Godfray says the upstairs area of the restaurant has been badly damaged and will take several months to repair.However, the ground floor is not badly damaged and he hopes the restaurant can re-open next week.

Functions planned at the restaurant are being offered alternatives within the Boat House Group.

Mr Godfray was full of praise for islanders who rallied to help after seeing pictures of the blaze on social media.